Duties of Team Leaders

1. Responsibility of Team Work

Team Leader being senior most member of the Team shall exercise authority next to the Editor of the team concerned. Subject to the control of the Editor he will be overall responsible of his Team’s work and will ensure that all C.O.’s in his team are enabled to achieve their prescribed targets and complete the allotted work in the given time limit.

2. Collection of Material

(a) Collection of Material is the first and the formost duty of a Team Leader. Timely issue of letters and reminders for wanting information will be his responsibility. He may sign the letters himself or issue them under the signature of Editor as the need may be. All D.O. letters will however, be issued under the signature of the Editor or H.O.D.

After assessing the position of material collected he will propose a tour of the C.O.’s to the district.

(b) He will ensure that the information available locally is collected in time by the C.O. concerned. He will also assist the Editor concerned in the collection work.

3. Custody and distribution of material

All material pertaining to a district will be delivered to the Team Leader who will examine it and distribute it to the C.O. concerned, (No material will be passed on to the C.O. concerned directly by the office or by Editor ) . All material locally collected by the C.O. concerned will be shown to Team Leader concerned for his information and record.

4. Guidance to C.O.’s

He will afford necessary guidance to the C.O.’s particularly the new ones, in drafting a chapter and all other related work.

5. First reading of Chapters

Draft chapters submitted by C.O.’s will be carefully scrutinized by the Team Leader, before submission to Editor, the scrutiny will be to ensure that the

(a) Chapter is according to the Central Plan.
(b) Data and information given in the chapter is authentic and correct.
(c) All available and relevant information and data have been incorporated
and all sources have been tapped.
(d) Draft chapter also contains bibliography, glossary and index.
(e) Different sources and names of authorities have been properly
indicated in the margin or foot note.
(f) Chapter does not contain any grammatical and spelling errors.
(g) No prohibited information from security point of view has been included by the C.O.’s.
(h) While submitting a chapter to Editor, the Team Leader in his note will clearly state that he has carefully examined the chapter on all points mentioned above.

6. Compilation of Glossary and Bibliography

Team Leader will be responsible for consolidating both glossary and bibliography of the whole district and will ensure that these are consolidated before the draft gazetteer is sent to press.

7. Checking of Incorporation of Comments

Team Leader will ensure that the comments received from the expert members, are carefully and properly incorporated by the C.O. concerned

8. Custody of chapters and preparation of sets of Drafts

Team Leader will be responsible for the custody of chapters and sets of draft and will maintain a proper account of each.

The sets of drafts will be marked as follows in order of their clarity of typed impression by the T.L. immediately after they are prepared.

a. Original Impression –T.L./Editor’s Copy All subsequent corrections, incorporations and filling in of gaps will be done in this copy. In the end this will be marked “Master Copy” by the H.O.D. from which “Press Copy” will be prepared.

b. Expert’s Set

c. District Magistrate Set

9. Preparation of Press Copies

He will be responsible for the preparation of one ‘Press Copy’ from the ‘Master Copy’ and this work will be done with meticulous care. This copy will be marked ‘Press Copy’ and will be handed over to the Editor for further action.

10. Allotment of work amongst C.O’s.

He will distribute the work among the C.O.’s with the prior approval of his Editor/H.O.D. He may also obtain the assistance of C.O.’s for any of his work, if necessary.

11. Other work

Team Leader will also attend to any other work entrusted by Editor or H.O.D. and may obtain the assistance of the C.O. if necessary.

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