Duties Editor

1. Responsibility of Team work

Full responsibility of the team’ s entire work will rest with the Editor. He will ensure proper co-ordination amongst the Compilation Officers (C.O.) and Team Leader (T.L.).

2. Allotment of work

Allotment of work amongst different C.O.’ s will be done by the Editor in consultation with the Team Leader.

He will also nominate a Link officer to his Team Leader who will discharge T.L.’s duty in his absence.

3. Collection of Material including Photographs :-

(a) In the beginning

When a district is taken up a set of questionnaires, will be sent to the District Magistrate by the Editor under the signatures of (HOD) Principal Editor and also asking him to appoint a senior officer as Officer-inCharge Gazetteer and intimate his name to us for future references.

Letters’ with questionnaires or relevant details to authorities which are common to all the districts and are located out of district such as Meteorological Department, Poona, Director, State Museum, etc., Will be sent by the (H.O.D.)

The Editor with the approval of the H.O.D. will plan a visit to the district with T.L. and some C.O.’s, after about a month of sending questionnaires to the D.M., address a pre-arranged meeting of the officers of the district to remove their difficulties and to get the material collected from individual offices. A meeting of non-official may also be arranged. List of photographs should as far as possible be finalized in this meeting and follow up action initiated to have them in possession.

(b) During drafting stage

The Editor will ensure that timely letters and reminders are being issued. If found necessary D.O. letters may be issued to the O/C Gazetteers or other officers of the district to expedite the collection of material.

The overall responsibility of the collection of material including the photographs rests with the Editor.

4. Editing of Chapter

After the first reading is done by the Team Leader the second reading will be carried out by the Editor with a view to improve its language, expression, sequence flow and also to ensure that all prohibited information has not been included. At other levels of editing the Editor will also ensure that suggestions received from different agencies.

5. Despatch of chapters and Sets of Draft

Chapters are sent to concerned expert members of the Advisory Board for their suggestions.

6. Guidance from expert Members

Expert members be consulted by the C.O. s’ concerned for their guidance obtained. The Editor will ensure that this is implemented.

7. Sending the press Copy to press

Before sending a press copy to press, the Editor will satisfy himself that nothing remains to be done in that copy and that prescribed instructions are sent to the press with the press copy.

8. Prelims, Preface

These will be prepared by the Editor. All necessary details to be included in the preface will be put up before the H.O.D. by the Editor in the form of draft for the preparation of the final copy.

9. Work in Press

All the work in press relating to the printing of a draft and in office with the Proof Readers will be attended to by the Editor concerned. He will watch the progress of printing in the press and proof reading in the office and will draw the attention of the H.O.D. where necessary.

10. Advisory Board

All work involved for the meeting of the Advisory Board will be the Editors responsibility.

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