Duties Compiltion Of ficers

Writing of chapters including appendix, bibliography, glossary, index. Prohibited information from security point of view shall not be included. preparation of a note of missing information. To ensure correct spellings of places from a list supplied to them. Collection of information locally available. Comparison of typed chapters. Incorporation of suggestions any other work entrusted by T.L. Editor or H.O.D.

1. Writing of Chapter

(1) General

This is the most important work of a C.O. and should be done with utmost care selection of material, proper presentation of facts and data in an objective way and timely completion of allotted work are the few essentials for writing a District Gazetteer.

(2) Blank spaces for wanting information

The drafts of chapters should be final and complete in all respects before they are submitted. Before beginning to write a chapter C.O. should have all the details of wanting information. Whatever available locally, should be collected preferably before writing a chapter or during the course of writing a chapter, if for certain valid reasons C.O. is unable to collect it earlier. For other wanting information he should give details of it to the team leader and should also help in timely issue of letters and reminders to the authorities concerned.

(3) Underlining words, etc.

All Hindi words not appearing in the dictionary, latin words, Names of books, journals, reports, magazines are to be underlined (if work is done is English)

(4) Revision of first draft

Drafts should be carefully revised before being put before the Team Leader. After the draft has been written out, it requires careful checking up with the sources of information and improvements in expression including removal of mistakes of grammar and spelling.

(5) Consultation of original sources

All information and data given in the chapter should be authentic. Orginal sources such as Acts, books of references, etc. should invariably consulted while making a mention of the information given.

(6) Central plan

The chapters should be in accordance with the central plan .

(7) Mention of sources

Sources of all data and information given in the chapter, either in the text or in tables should be carefully and fully indicated in the margin of the pages of the draft or in the foot–note. If a book or a report is referred to, its page number should also be given. In case of the information received from the district, the designation of the officer in brief should be given and the material should be available in the material file. In a statement source of information should be given below it but within the table. These steps are necessary to check the authenticity of the material used where necessary without difficulty.

(8) Exclusion of prohibited information from security point

Prohibited information from security point of view should not be included. A list giving details of all such information has already been given, with an order for this purpose to each C.O. In case of doubt higher officer should be consulted.

(9) Awaited information

The information falls in three categories (a) not at all received (b) received in part and (3) needed clarification. Information received should he examined and details of all the awaited information be given to Team Leader. While noting down the details, the designation or the officer concerned be given at the top and within brackets below it should be mentioned, for remaining information, for clarification and no information received as the case may be. During the course of writing a chapter some material is received it should be examined without delay and incorporated in the chapter in the time allotted by Team Leader. If after scrutiny clarification is required, the details of this be given to the Team Leader within 3 days of the information received in the manner already described above.

(10) Margin and distance between two lines

For margin of about onethird of the space for incorporation of additional information necessitated by C.Os’ revision or by suggestions given by higher officers, enough space between the two lines for making out correction in the draft and also some space at the end of the page to add a foot –note, at some later stage, should be left.

(11) Spelling of places from survey maps

To ensure incorporation of correct spellings of places, rivers, mountains, etc.,from survey maps is also the responsibility of the C.O. If for certain reasons the spellings could not be checked while writing a chapter these should be checked at the first available opportunity.

(12) Preparation of tables of Appendix

The tables given in the Appendix according to the central plan will be prepared by the C.O. concerned of the chapter and appended at the end of the chapter as indicated below:

Table II Rainfall, etc. Chapter I
Table I Area and population Chapter III
Table VII Fairs Chapter III
Table III Statistics of Cultivation and Irrigation Chapter IV
Table IV Area under principal Crops Chapter IV
Table VIII Inspection Houses, Dak Bunglows, etc Chapter VII
Table IX Dharamsalas, Hotels, etc. Chapter VII
Table V Receipts and Expenditure
Zila Parishad
Municipal Boards
Chapter XIV

A Reference to the above Tables must also be made at the appropriate place in the chapter concerned with a cross reference indication below the heading of the table in bracket as shown below:

Table I- Area and population (Reference : Page………)

All other statements occurring in the body of the draft, if covering more than a typed page, should also be given at the end of the chapter. Source of information is required to be given below each Table.

II Bibliography All standard Books, Journals, Reports and other standard published material is required to be included in the bibliography. Full name as it appears on the books, the authors name, year and place of publication is required to be given in the bibliography.

III Glossary All Hindi words not found in dictionary and which are underlined in the chapter are to be included in the glossary (of work if in English ).

IV Index All proper names are required to be included in the index except the following:
(a) Names of offices and departments
(b) Names of Acts
(c) All designations
(d) Name of the district under preparation
(e) References given in foot-notes The index should be prepared alphabetically and in block letters to avoid confusion at typist’s level. Page number should also be given after the proper noun to facilitate its location in the chapter concerned. This will also help a C.O. to bring uniformity in spellings of proper nouns.

All information available locally in different offices will be collected by the C.O. concerned at the first available opportunity either before beginning a chapter or during the course of writing. All locally available information should in no case remain wanting but no material should be collected which is prejudicial to National interest .

VI Consultation with Team Leader Team Leader is the supervisory officer of his team and has been made responsible for all the work of his team and coordination amongst his team members.

VII Submission of a completed Chapter The completed chapter should be submitted along with glossary bibliography, index and details of awaited information with a note on the chapter file together with Material Cover the C.O. shall record the following certificates in his note.

Certified that (1) All material available has been carefully scrutinized and utilized.
(2) Information and data has been carefully re-checked.
(3) The draft has been revised.
(4) Prohibited information in any from security point of view has not been given in the chapter.
(5) Instructions given in Dos and Don’ts have been carefully followed .
(6) Long tables covering more than a page have been appended at the end of the chapter.
(7) Metric system of weights and measures has been used.
(8) Compound and hyphenated words and abbreviations have been carefully checked where necessary .
(9) The chapter conforms to the Central plan.

VII Maitenance of files For every chapter three files shall be maintained by a C.O. as follows-

(1) Notes & Orders File This file shall contain only notes and orders.
(2) Material File The File will contain all the material received collected or compiled and properly tagged. A reference of all this material be made in the margin of the chapter to facilitate checking.
(3) Chapter file This file shall contain the manuscript file of the C.O. and extra typed copies of the chapter.

IX Comparison of typed chapters A typed chapter should be compared with meticulous care and there should remain no typing error at the time of submission badly typed pages be returned to the typist for retype. In respect of ‘Press Copy’ careful attention has to be devoted in comparison work.

X Incorporation of Suggestions Suggestions received from the experts, etc. by the C.O. concerned. If additional information is required for meeting out the queries, it should be collected, compiled if it can be obtained locally. In case if it is to be asked for from the district authorities C.O. shall report with full details to his team leader.

XI Other work. The C.O. will also attend to any other work entrusted by the T.L./Editor/H.O.D. and may obtain the assistance of the above if necessary.

Duties Head Proof Readers/ Proof Readers

1- Marking of the instructions for the press in the press copy/Master Copy.
2- Sending of the press copy to the press.
3- Follow up of the Gazetteers in the press .
4- Sending of Photo Graphs/Maps with press instructions.
5- Reading of proofs in consultation with C.O. where necessary.

(6- Other work

Proof reader will attend to any other work entrusted by the editor/H.O.D. and may obtain the assistance of the officers where necessary.

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